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Head north and experience our tiny-hotel tumbling from sea to sky. Four private sleeping houses and five social spaces connected by sea spray and arctic light. Visit with a group or come alone. You are invited to play, think or simply be.

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Based on the dates you have chosen, you'll see suggestions for timetables below. To get to the Arctic Hideaway Fleinvær, take the speed ferry from Bodø to Sørvær, Fleinvær. The boat trip takes about 75 minutes and leaves from the city centre of Bodø. The table below indicates the last arrival by plane to Bodø to reach the boat. Boat schedule found at www.177nordland.no

Last arrival 14:30
Boat departure 16:00
Boat departure 17:15
Earliest departure 19:15

Booking of Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær: From ( days)
Total ten monofunctional houses, five of these for accommodation
Total capacity accommodation: 1-10 persons

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Before visiting

Whats our concept?

The Arctic Hideaway is a place where you could rent a sleeping room and get access to a mono functional series of houses. We wanted to create the worlds most beautiful working space, but it seems that we also have created a very nice village to rest and reset.

How many people can we bring?

We have build 4 sleeping houses, where you can book up to 8 persons comfortably, but 10 is also great if you come as a group. Our sleeping houses, or pods have beds and beds only, and they are organized like this:

• Two of the houses have standard double beds

• Two of the houses have small double bunk beds

• The tower house NJALLA has a daybed

• The hunter´s cave on the sauna pier has one single bed

• It is also possible to add more beds by booking a mooring berth

Can we rent just a part of the Arctic Hideaway?

You book enough sleeping houses to accommodate your party. This is your private space. The rest of the hideaway is shared with other guests and our resident caretakers. If you’d like to have the whole place to yourself contact us for pricing.

Does the Arctic Hideaway really suit us?

As long we speak about THE ART OF DOING NOTHING and SIMPLICITY AT ITS FINEST, we think that better places excists if you have the needs for speed and action. The place has nothing with religion to do, it is just so, that its nothing here. And speaking of: if nothing forces you into heavy drinking, well, you got problems as it might be sunny when you start your depression treatment, and slippery as hell when you are finished. We have a lot of staircases. They are not the best for drink walking. Nor for people with bad legs, so sorry.

What to pack?

Pack wool. Even in the summer. Pack for wind and pack for rain. And pack a pair of shorts for the sauna. Then you have packed perfectly.

The beds will be ready for you when you arrive, we have towels for you, we have wood for the sauna.

How to eat & drink?

We serve breakfast for artists, air bnb´ ers and hotel guests between 09-10 every day.

A self-sevice breakfast is provided by our caretakers. All other meals except for hotel guests are self-catering, with the ingredients included in the cost of accomodation. We provide a well stocked local focused kitchen for our guests, although the availability of fresh ingredients will vary seasonally. If you have booked the whole hideaway, we could also book a chef who is expert on local food for you. Price after agreement.


If you have any special requests or specific dietary needs please let us know in advance when you make your booking. For lunch and dinner we have a open pantry which offers ingredients for lunches and a variation of dinners.

On the other hand, if luxury is what you are looking for, our collaborating chefs from fine diner LYSTPAA in Bodø are able to prepare three course dinners, as well as seasonal lunches and breakfasts focusing above all on modern northern Norwegian cuisine.

We sell alcohol.

Could we bring our cutest and kindest dog ever?

Yes, you can bring your dog. We have only one sleeping box dedicated this purpose, and need to ask for a cleaning fee. See also that your beloved animal could stay alone while you eat, as we have to say no to dogs in the kitchen house. Bring your leash .

How to get to the island?

Public speed ferries run from the port in Bodø just 12 min walk from the airport. There are an average of 2 daily departures to and from the island. We will assist you with choosing right boats, or even chartering a privat boat for you, so you dont have to bother when to land. Choose between rib & closed boat (Targa).

NEWS: Seaplane is a fun 14 min ride from the airport. It takes 4 people with just 380 kg, all in all with luggage. Send your husband with the luggage at the boat, while you fly?

NOTE 1: We may see days with heavy winds which may cause transport delays and/or cancellations. Combine your trip with the urban life in Bodø and spend a night there before or after your stay.

NOTE 2: Purple skies, northern lights, and heavy winds can suddenly become a reason to stay for longer. Don’t book too short a stay.  We recommend at least two nights to enter the state of mind necessary to begin to see what this amazing place is all about.

During the visit

Which kind of buildings have we build?

We have built ten houses; four houses are for sleeping (duvets & pillows), one is a bath house ( toilets & shower ) one is meant for cooking & eating ( kitchen table, gas & induction), one is a chill-out zone/open studio house ( cozy chairs, stereo & NU1 piano ), one is a sauna and changing room (wood stove), another is meant for outdoor cooking ( gas & fire place), and finally, the last one is the iconic Tower House, a hang out zone with a day bed.

What's not there?

Here on the island there are no shops, and no cars. Here there is no stress, and no dangerous animals.

Should we focus on mindlessness or mindfulness?

If you want, we can lead you into a state of total relaxation. Tours can be made to neighboring islands, fishing tours, bird watching, shell picking, rock climbing, even hiking to the most beautiful mountain top ( 990 m) in the area , but it is important that we need to know about your wishes as soon as possible before your arrival.

How do the seasons vary?

√ Northern lights begin as early as late august. When it occurs, the conditions are extremely nice.

√ Storms typically begin in November. Nature cleans itself with help from rain and heavy winds. This is the nicest way to feel alive!

√ Alternative lights season from late November to mid January. No sun, but amazing stars, moons, planets, satelites and the Northern lights.

√ From late May to early August there is little to no darkness. 24 hours of sunlight shows you the variety of sun, light, and weather patterns possible on this delicate arctic island. Never a dull day.

About us

Which prices do you run?

If you’re travelling with children send us an email to discuss rates and any requirements you have.

For artist prices, contact: haavard@thearctichideaway.com

For booking january- june: check air bnb.

For hotel prices: send email or see text under button Hotel

What is a caretaker?

Our caretakers meet you at the dock upon your arrival to Fleinvaer.

These wonderful people make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. They are here to give guidance on the facilities, and to guide you as to how to live in and around our ten house village for the duration of your time on the island.


The caretakers acts as a liaison between you and the local people, environment, and activities. Please find time to chat with them and enrich your stay through the information and discussions you will have.

Fun facts about the Arctic Hideaway

We bought the first estate in the arctic archipelago of in 2004, then we dug with spoons and forks the first years before we met Yashar & Andreas from TYIN architects in 2013 ,who immediately introduced us to their need for prof. and mentor Sami Rintala from RintalaEggertson architecture. This was totally perfect for us. Suddenly we had the two most published architect offices in Norway on our team. After ideas were thrown forth and back for some time, we began in August 2014 with a workshop for architecture students. After eight workshops with students from all over the world, and two years of building processes led by multi-skilled architects and designers Andrew Devine & Ruben Stranger, and actually no carpenters, we now have ten small houses in our little village. Let’s see if it stops there…


Total cost: 8 mill NOK



Håvard Lund, Merete Nordheim, Nora Taksdal, Kristian Weihe, Arne O. Holm, Marianne Berg, Arnt Waaberg, Stina & Gun H. Svendsen, Kathinka Blichfeldt, Julia Neher and the municipality of Gildeskål.

Who are our partners?

Charterboat TARGA : Arctic Cruise, 30 min from Bodø

Rib: Explore Salten, 30 min from Bodø

Fishing from big traditional boat: FAXEN, 120 min from Bodø

Seaplane: SALTENFLY, 15 min from Bodø

Fishing from small boats: Mevær Fish camp

Chef: HØST by Astrid Nasslender

Art workshop at the island: Are Andreassen

Questions? Go ahead and ask!

Phone: +47 971 59 726