Artists in Residence

The philosophy behind the Hideaway

Discovering that I, as a composer, could help the engineer in his challenges, and that the set designer could help me construct my music, was a change of direction in life.

It is only through interdisciplinary encounters that society moves towards the richest inspiration for innovation. The architecture of The Arctic Hideaway is shaped by this principle. We want creative people to meet. That meeting place is here. 

Following a collaborative residency back in 1995 where founder Håvard experienced the value different disciplines can bring to each other—in this case the engineer, scenographer and musician—he sought the space to make further meetings happen. To provide the opportunity for creatives to step out of the echo chambers of their professional communities. 

The Hideaway is a lighthouse in the landscape of travel. This is a place where isolation meets forward thinking and the conversations taking place in this experimental village are as much about guiding cultural lines as they are about your individual process. We have created a beacon for sustainability but much more than that, a space away from distractions where you are thrown into a eco-economy as an equal to the elements. Come without expectations of what you will create during your stay and instead look at what nature reflects back at you.

Come to focus on your project but know that a residency here is as much about meetings; with nature, with people and with your own subconscious.

Come for the transforming experiences!

Come for a week, come for a month. We’ve seen how longer stays allow for a widening of self-understanding and a deep reset of the senses. When you come for a long stay you do more than just support sustainable travel, you leave as a different sort of human. One who has made a friend of time.

…it’s been a while and still I think back to our stay in the Arctic Hideaway almost everyday since.It was not just a super inspiring creative experience to me but also a time of calmness clarity and concentration. Which I bearly find at home….I started writing again, it’s so relieving somehow…

Theresa & Theresa

Time & Space

The Arctic Hideaway hosts artists year round. Most stay two weeks or more to truly settle into their process. You will have a private sleeping cabin with working space/wifi and access to the communal studio and njalla, as well as the kitchen house and sauna area. 

It’s up to you how much time you spend in focused work. The architecture of the place invites you to move between solitude and social, you are the leader of your own process here.

We can house ensembles up to octets, and we have used the studio space to record music albums. If you have a specific requirement, please get in touch to discuss these. During periods of good weather take your practice outside, we have covered and uncovered spaces available to share with the salt wind and sun.

During the summer months we might invite you to give a short concert or showcase of your work for the island residents and visitors. This is entirely up to you but we are proud members of the community of Fleinvær and hope you will also feel compelled to invite them into your work.

Our Artist Programme

This is the place for you whatever form your project takes. Come to reset your senses. 

We run our own programme of residencies in our ‘Artist Pod’ – a private cabin with sleeping area, reading space, desk/studio area and wifi. You will have access to all the communal working/living areas where you can mix with others as much or as little as you chose.

These are two week stays running during our open months. For the months we close we can accommodate long stays of minimum two weeks but ideally longer so if the dark, winter months speak to you get in touch to discuss the best solution.

We are increasingly working with partners to run a parallel programme of residencies funded by businesses, organisations and individuals keen to connect with an artistic and sustainable project. Decide whether you want to fund one, two or more residencies of two weeks each and we will invite the artists. Not only are you gifting focused time to someone’s creative process but you are contributing to a future way of working, an economy removed of greed with sustainability at its core.

Example of partners who have funded residencies

  • Nordland Fylkeskommune 
  • Private funders, for example offering memorial grants

Architecture for Art

The architecture of the Arctic Hideaway is a respectful approach to both human and nature. It divides the separate functions of one building into many so you experience the elements as you pass from one room to another.  

The natural environment is as much a part of the architecture here. Step into daylight at midnight to understand versions of light and do not think that you can hide from a February storm indoors. At some point you will be compelled to move cabins and then, the real experience of the place begins.

Come into this space no matter what your ‘art’ – surprise us. We want new voices to join the narrative.

Get in touch to share your residency vision:

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